Contoh Naskah Pidato Bahasa Inggris, Bisa Dijadikan Referensi, Jakarta - Pidato merupakan kegiatan menyampaikan suatu pendapat dengan maksud dan tujuan baik yang sudah ditentukan.

Nah, sebelum melakukan pidato tentunya seseorang harus memiliki persiapan yang matang, seperti mempersiapkan naskah pidato.

Hal ini supaya isi naskah pidato yang dilontarkan di depan publik dapat diuraikan secara gamblang dan jelas serta menyentuh emosi dari para pendengar.

Jika pidato dalam bahasa Indonesia mungkin kamu bisa melakukannya dengan mudah, tetapi tentunya berbeda jika kamu diharuskan berpidato dalam bahasa Inggris.

Namun, jangan khawatir, ada banyak contoh naskah pidato bahasa Inggris yang bisa dijadikan referensi.

Berikut ini beberapa contoh naskah pidato bahasa Inggris yang dapat membantumu, dikutip dari laman passinggrade dan katabijakbahasainggris, Jumat (27/5/2022).

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National Education Day

Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb

Let's thank a lot to Allah Swt. for his blessing that we can gather here on this good occasion. Let's also price and send a greeting to our illuminator great prophet Muhammad saw. The honorable, principle of JHS Pangeran Jayakarta and my beloved friends.

The topic of my speech is National Education Day. Every 2nd of May, We celebrate it, On the struggle Era, Indonesian Citizens could not allow to school. They wanted Indonesian always to be stupid, So, we couldn't war against them. But Indonesian youth tried to get an education, especially from the wealthy people, one of them was Ki Hajar Dewantara. He is an Education hero, because of him, we can study at school, our task is only to fight stupidity.

That will be all for my speech. I hope it will be useful for us, Thank you for your attention.

Wassalamu'alaikum wr.wb

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Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb.

 Dear ladies and parents/guardians of students

Esteemed the invitation that has been present suit our invitation

Dear ladies and teachers

There are many things that perhaps we need to know together so that later in the learning process to create good conditions for our learning process. One that I wanted to mention is that it is definitely in every school will be in place including school discipline at this school.

Of the many benefits of 10 disciplines, among which this is identified by us as parents!

  • Foster sensitivity.
  • Foster care.
  • Teach regularity.
  • Cultivate peace.
  • Cultivate an attitude of confidence.
  • Foster self-reliance.
  • Foster intimacy.
  • Help brain development.
  • Help the child "difficult", ie a hyperactive child, late development, or temper tantrums.
  • Foster compliance.

Here are ten benefits of discipline that will be felt by our children that it all boils down to the good of our children.

So first of what I have to say. We are sorry if there are words that offend or do not deserve to be delivered. Once again apologize profusely.

Wassalamu'alaikum wr.wb

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Indonesian Heroes Day

Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb

For the first time, I want to say thanks to Allah, who gives me time to speak in this special moment. Also to Prophet Muhammad, his families, and his friends.

The Indonesian Declaration of Independence was officially proclaimed at 10.00 a.m. sharp on Friday, August 17, 1945. The declaration marked the start of the five-year diplomatic and armed resistance of the Indonesian National Revolution, fighting against the forces of the Netherlands until the latter officially acknowledged Indonesia's independence in 1949. In 2005, the Netherlands declared that they recognized Indonesian independence in 1945, not 1949.

Every year on the 17th of August, Indonesia celebrates Independence Day. It’s very fun. There is a lot of contest, like Panjat Pinang. And in Istana Merdeka, they are having a ceremony. Maybe, some of you go to have a celebration. You must be a spirit on Independence Day, you look like our hero, and they have held the pass to gain freedom. And we, we’re as students, have to have the spirit to celebrate Independence Day. If you confess you’re Indonesia's people, you must care about Indonesia, the Independence Day of Indonesia, and all of Indonesia you must like, because it's your country.

The last words, Best tank you for All Indonesian Hero's

Wassalamua'laikum Wr. Wb.

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Healthy Lifestyles

Assalamu'alaikum Wr.Wb

Dear principals, teachers, and my friends are happy

On this sunny morning, let us pray Praise to Allah who has given the health in our bodies. Not forgetting selawat and greetings to the Prophet Muhammad that have guided us from the path of ignorance towards the light path, Islam. We say thank you for having the time to attend this event.

My friend, have you implemented a healthy lifestyle? Probably most of you have them, but what about those of you who have not? Well, this time I will discuss a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is very important for our body. The first can make a healthy body, and also can make us avoid diseases. There are some healthy lifestyles to consider, such as regular meals, exercise, taking rest, and an optimistic and strong personality.

Regular eating schedules must be maintained in order to avoid things we do not want, such as obesity or malnutrition. Besides, we also have to choose the healthy foods, such as

  • Not too many carbs and fats
  • Adequate fibrous food needs
  • Avoid food that in the long term can lead to cancer
  • Adequate drinking water needs
  • Meet the intake of vegetables and fruits every day
  • Avoid excessive drinking while eating

On the other hand, sport is an activity that is easy to do, but many ignore it when the sport is a source of health for the entire body. Regular exercise can give more benefits to our health. In addition to exercise, rest is also noteworthy.

Taking rest will restore our tired bodies and give enough time for the body to restore energy that has been used. There is nothing that can hinder a person who is an optimistic step, even failures and obstacles are even considered a lesson. Optimism is also good for health.

A strong personality means being able to control the overall activity in his life. There are two important components associated with self-control. First, stop consuming anything that can damage the body. Second, always maintain a healthy body.

Is not it fun and a healthy lifestyle? Helpful anyway. A healthy lifestyle should be applied especially to yourself. At first, it was hard, but if it has been done repeatedly for a long time and is routine, eventually also be used to do. I think enough that I can deliver, may be useful. Sorry if there is a word that is wrong in the delivery.

Walaikumsalam Wr.Wb


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