Contoh-Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris yang Menarik, Jakarta - Drama merupakan satu di antara media untuk mengekspresikan diri dan kreativitas. Perlu diketahui, pementasan drama tidak lepas dari sebuah naskah drama.

Naskah drama adalah karangan yang berisi cerita atau lakon. Di dalamnya memuat nama-nama tokoh dalam cerita, dialog yang diucapkan para tokoh, dan keadaan panggung yang diperlukan.

Terkadang naskah drama juga dilengkapi dengan penjelasan mengenai tata busana, tata lampu (lighting), dan tata suara.

Itulah mengapa, sebuah naskah drama harus disajikan secara baik supaya drama yang akan dipentaskan di depan umum berhasil menuai apresiasi luar biasa baik dari pemain maupun penonton.

Namun, menyusun naskah drama bukan hal yang mudah dilakukan. Terlebih jika pementasan drama menggunakan bahasa Inggris.

Untuk membantu kamu menyusun naskah drama dalam bahasa Inggris, bisa mencermati contoh-contohnya di bawah ini, yang bisa jadi bahan inspirasi.

Berikut ini contoh-contoh naskah drama bahasa Inggris yang menarik, dikutip dari laman Freedramaplays dan Fifioctaviani13, Rabu (1/3/2023).

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The Beach

(Gretta drags a gagged Harvey on stage with his hands behind his back)

Gretta: It's so beautiful here. I love the beach. The ocean sounds always soothe me.

I must have watched the sun go down a million times. I love the way the sun dips on the horizon and sets the ocean on fire. There's something magical about that moment. I feel like I'm catching a glimpse of heaven.

I used to believe in heaven before I met people like you. I believed people were good and decent and just wanted to help each other. You wanted to help too much.

And you wanted too much in return.

You slayed the angel of my innocence. Shut her out. Made her ashamed of me and I lost her protection.

You gave me a kingdom and made me a queen. They celebrated my name and we feasted on your victims. We danced with the devil and delighted in his tunes, fanatics for his fiddle.

But you grew tired of me and sought new victims for your fire. I fell from my throne into the darkness. I so desperately want to see the light again. I want to catch a glimpse of heaven. I want my innocence. Give me my innocence! Give me my soul!

(Gabby rushes toward them)

Gabby: Greta! What are you doing?

Gretta: Oh, Harvey loves long walks on the beach. They're so romantic.

Gabby: Don't do whatever you're thinking of doing, Gretta. It's not worth it.

Gretta: He ruined my life, Gabby. Now I want to ruin his.

Gabby: Please, Gretta. If you let him go now, I’m sure he'll promise not to press charges.

(Harvey nods in agreement)

Gabby: See, it's not too late to turn back.

(Harvey nods. Gretta kicks him in the crotch and he falls to the ground)

Gretta: Do you think he'll press charges now?

Gabby: What happened to you, Gretta?

Gretta: He happened to me.

Gabby: I used to look up to you.

Gretta: Used to… past tense. Everything about me is past tense. Except for him. He's still very much in the present. But I don't want him to have a future.

Gabby: You have to go now, Gretta. Walk away. No, actually you need to run away and never come back. You have places you can hide. Hide and never come back. I'll take care of Harvey. Go!

(Gretta kicks Harvey one last time and then leaves. Gabby watches her go and then goes to Harvey. She lowers his gag)

Harvey: Thank you. Thank you so much. I don't know how to repay you for this. I think she was going to kill me.

Gabby: That's the easy way out. I think you should have to live and suffer for what you've done.

Harvey:  I'll give you anything. Please just let me go.

Gabby: All I want is a confession…

Harvey: A confession?

Gabby: And an apology.

Harvey: I don't know what you mean.

Gabby: Let me refresh your memory.

(Gabby gags him and kicks him in the crotch. He falls again)

Gabby: I'll do this all night. And I would be more than happy to do permanent damage to your instrument of destruction.

(Harvey has passed out. Gabby slaps him around a few times to see if he is faking. He's not. Gabby sits)

Gabby: It's a beautiful night.

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The Wise Crow

(The Crow and the Sparrow meet at a spring)

Sparrow: Ah me, the spring is dry!

Crow: All the springs are dry!

Sparrow: There may be water in the brook.

Crow: No, the brook is dry.

Sparrow: What shall we do?

Crow: There may be water in this pitcher. I will see. Aha! Here is water! Come and drink.

Sparrow: I cannot reach it. It is too low.

Crow: Stretch your neck!

Sparrow: I stretch and stretch—I cannot reach it.

Crow: Why, neither can I! Stretch as I will, I cannot reach it.

Sparrow: What shall we do?

Crow: We will break the pitcher. Come, now!

Sparrow: I strike and strike.

Crow: I strike and strike.

Sparrow: We cannot break it.

Crow: No, we cannot break it.

Sparrow: What shall we do?

Crow: Let us try to overturn it. Come, now!

Sparrow: I push and push.

Crow: I push and push.

Sparrow: We cannot overturn it.

Crow: No, we cannot overturn it.

Sparrow: We must have water! What shall we do?

Crow: Ah, I know the way to get the water!

(He drops pebbles in the pitcher.)

Sparrow: Why do you drop pebbles in the pitcher?

(He drops in more pebbles; the water rises.)

Please tell me why you do that.

Crow: Now come and drink, Miss Sparrow!

Sparrow: Why I can reach the water How queer! How very queer!

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The Law of Karma

Narrator: Gresia and Fifi are good friends. They had been friends since childhood, but Fifi one day when the families fall into poverty, Gresia did not want any more friends with Fifi.

One afternoon when Fifi, Gresia, Nindi, Ances, and Arif were in the class to clean up before leaving school, Fifi reluctantly told Gresia to help him. Because he was the one who can help Gresia and Gresia is a friend, even going behind the insult is Gresia Fifi.

Fifi: Gresia, can you help me a little?

Gresia: What? Help you? Do you think that you who to me, please?

Fifi: What about you Gresia? Are not we friends? Times have you forgotten that?

Gresia: Friend? I'm sorry I did not have friends like you who are poor. I just want to make friends with rich people.

Nindi: Why the two of you? It seems so troubled.

Fifi: There's nothing really. We're both fine. Gresia is not it?

Gresia: All right? Listen Nindi, the poor had to ask for help from me. But unfortunately, I do not want to help people like him. Where he was admit-I admit friends again? No way!!.......... (Fifi was going to hear the words of Gresia like that) ..........

Nindi: Do not be so Gresia. Not that you and Fifi's friends from childhood? Period because now Fifi and his family are impoverished, you do not want any more friendly to him. Rather than at times like this you can show it to him if you're his friend. Rather than leaving it.

Arif: Yes it says Nui. You should now "menyuport" him, not insult him like that. He's too sad.

Ances: Yes it is. What kind of friend are you?

Gresia: Do you think anyone of you dares advise me? Goody! Dong's up to me what to do. Mind yourselves respectively

Arif: We do not intend to advise you or be pretentious either. But we do not want your friendship and Fifi ends like this.

Gresia: Halah's of no concern to me and you. (Gresia went straight home)

Ances: Satan what possessed him? How could he do that to Fifi? Had not he always defended the Fifi-defense when there is a problem?

Nindi: Yes it is only he who knows. But one thing that finally we know, Gresia is only willing to make friends with people who are rich.

Arif: No wonder.

Ances: No wonder what?

Arif: Never mind do not be discussed again, mending our home.

Nindi: It's true.

Narrator: They went back the next day to go to school as usual, but not with Fifi. This also occurred for two consecutive weeks. At the end when the four of them were on their way to school, by accident they met with Fifi in the street who are looking for used goods.

Nindi: Hey Fifi instead of it?

Arif: It is true that Fifi. What was he doing? Instead of going to school instead "keluyuran" like that.

Nindi: He was right. (Nindi Gresia was immediately attracted to the road behind him and was busy with his iPhone) Liat it? What did your friend do?

Gresia: haha ​​... Definitely was scavenging garbage. His name is also poor.

Ances: What the hell is hell? Let's Samperin him.

Nindi: Fifi, what are you doing? Why do not you go two this week?

Fifi: (by Shocked) I? Yes as you clay.

Gresia: I told you so. He must scavenge garbage. Like the work, you guys do not know any poor people.

Arif: Gresia never minds, so-so Fifi's best friend.

Nindi: What the hell. Why do not you go to school anymore Fifi?

Fifi: Well, my parents had no money to pay for my sister and me to school. While my brother was going back to school, I just give in to my sister. Let the school my sister and I helped my parents to make a living.

Ances: Honor your heart, right mate?

Gresia: Haha. Glorious ass? Does he just want to find a face you know? you have easily fooled him.

Fifi: How could you say that to me? I am poor now, but I still have feelings. If you do not want my friends again ya have it not be a problem for me, but do you humble me with your words were. One more thing, I have never regretted ever meeting you. But it is a learning for me. Thank you Gresia. (Fifi was running as fast as possible leaving the four of them with mixed feelings)

Nindi: Are satisfied you've hurt him? Gresia recalled one day you too will feel what you feel now Fifi.

Ances and Arif: Yes it is.

Gresia: Haha. It is not possible. My family might not become poor like him. After all, my family has a lot of businesses that generate a lot of money. And will not run out for five generations. Haha (Gresia was laughing the three of them left the road)

Ances: Arrogant once was a child. Hope life is fine.

Nindi: Yes hopefully. Indeed, sometimes we have to realize that there are certain people who can live in our hearts, but not in our lives

Arif: Yes it's true. And I hope someday we can meet again with Fifi.

.......... (Three of them continue the journey to school "akhirnya") ..........

Narrator: It is the last day they met Fifi. And when it happened, Gresia felt what I felt Fifi. Her family went bankrupt because deceived by others. But unfortunately, Gresia did not accept the life of the poor, and he thinks that all this is wrong with Fifi.


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