32 Kata-Kata Ucapan Kenaikan Isa Almasih Bahasa Inggris, Jakarta - Kenaikan Isa Almasih merupakan satu di antara peringatan sakral umat kristiani seluruh dunia. Di Indonesia, peringatan ini jatuh pada Kamis (18/5/2023) dan menjadi hari libur nasional.

Kenaikan Isa Almasih diperingati 40 hari setelah Kebangkitan Yesus. Peringatan ini ditandai dengan adanya perayaan turunnya Roh Kudus yang dikenal dengan Hari Pentakosta.

Kenaikan Isa Almasih dirayakan dengan melakukan ibadah hingga berkumpul bersama keluarga.

Kamu juga dapat berbagi kata-kata ucapan kenaikan Isa Almasih baik kepada keluarga, sahabat, dan saudara seiman.

Di samping itu, tak ada salahnya menyampaikan kata-kata ucapan kenaikan Isa Almasih menggunakan bahasa Inggris agar terkesan berbeda.

Berikut ini 32 kata-kata ucapan kenaikan Isa Almasih bahasa Inggris, dikutip dari laman Thefestiveboy dan Bestmessage, Rabu (17/5/2023).

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Kata-Kata Ucapan Kenaikan Isa Almasih Bahasa Inggris

1. "It's the day of the Lord's ascension towards the gates of heaven. Let's all celebrate this joyous occasion with peace and love in our hearts."

2. "Although the ascension of our Lord has separated him from us but his blessings will always shine upon those who are pure and faithful."

3. "Even in dying, the lord has designed a better world to live in. So on this Ascension Day let the process of salvation be continued by his faithful devotees."

4. "While descending into heaven, Jesus has opened a doorway for us to attain salvation. May we all keep his faith in us alive on Ascension day."

5. "It was such an extraordinary day when Jesus was heading towards paradise. Let's commemorate this day with great wishes and love."

6. "Jesus has shown that there is a world full of more compassion, more generosity, and more grace than the world we live in."

7. "On the eve of Ascension Day, I hope we all are thankful to our Lord for opening the gateway of heaven for humanity to enter and celebrate."

8. "Open the pyramid of love that is stored on all of us and May you shower it on humanity to make the Lord and its children happy."

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Kata-Kata Ucapan Kenaikan Isa Almasih Bahasa Inggris

9. "Ascension Day is nothing but the lord's way of showing his devotees the process of gaining clarity amidst the darkness of this world."

10. "After all, this time, Jesus has always been with us guiding humanity towards the greatest of achievements. Let's thank him on this Ascension Day."

11. "On Ascension Day, May the blessings of the Lord always shine upon you and fill you with the clarity you need to improve the life you have been living."

12. "In your journey full of sorrow and smiles, say the name of Lord and he will protect you lie the guardian angel. Wish you a beloved Ascension Day."

13. "When our journey in this world ends Jesus will come for us in the same way he was taken up in heaven and bring us all together."

14. "May we all spend the holy occasion of Ascension Day in prayer and doing contemplation with all of our loved ones by our side."

15. "Put out the candles of Easter and celebrate your path of heaven created by none other than the Lord. Have a blessed Ascension Day."

16. "It is better to go to heaven and enjoy the accommodations made for us by the Lord as the world is slowly succumbing to hate and violence."

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Kata-Kata Ucapan Kenaikan Isa Almasih Bahasa Inggris

17. "The disciples of the Lord do need to speculate what heaven would look like as it is enough to know that we will be in the presence of God."

18. "In heaven there awaits a savior who has already written the paths of heaven for all of his devotees. Let’s inch towards that day with love and prosperity."

19. "Love is the only hope that's left in this world full of greed and evil. So hold onto that love and start your descend towards heaven on this Ascension Day."

20. "The only reason Jesus was taken up onto the paradise so that he could make heaven ready for all his disciples until the day comes."

21. "Jesus was beamed into ascension to show us there is another level up, which we call the life after death. May we all attain his creation."

22. "The birth of Christ and his miracles, ascension, resurrections are all historical facts. Don't let the world say otherwise and celebrate Ascension Day."

23. "There's nothing to be sad about our loved ones going away from this life to another as the Lord did the same on his Ascension Day."

24. "On this Ascension Day, It gives me great joy to tell you that the ascension of Jesus was his way to make us understand that the Lord exists."

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Kata-Kata Ucapan Kenaikan Isa Almasih Bahasa Inggris

25. "The one who is up there is seeing everything that's good and bad about us. So let's raise the bar of human goodness on this joyous occasion."

26. "May you keep all that's good in you rather than following what's bad in this world because that's the only way we all can achieve ascension."

27. "It is both sad and happy that Jesus was taken away from us in his ascension to heaven while enabling his devotees to achieve the same."

28. "Our Lord is already in a place of peace and now it is our responsibility to celebrate his ascension and hope for him to take us there."

29. "The journey to heaven can be tough but we must not give up as it is our only chance to be in the presence of our Lord."

30. "As the ascension day is upon us, the lord is looking at all of us trying to be our best as it is the only way we all can be with him."

31. "How richer would all of us be if the deeds used to achieve it aren't pure. May you be virtuous towards Lord to attain the miracle of ascension."

32. "The eve of Ascension Day is the birth of an inner you that is celebrated as the spiritual individualism headed towards the step of simple ascension."


Sumber: Thefestiveboy, Bestmessage

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