Lirik Lagu Backslide - Twenty One Pilots, Jakarta - "Backslide" adalah sebuah lagu dari duo musik asal Amerika Serikat, Twenty One Pilots, yang dirilis pada 25 April 2024, melalui Fueled by Ramen sebagai single ketiga dari album studio ketujuh mereka, Clancy.

Berikut ini lirik lagu Backslide:


I don’t wanna…


Rat race, place to place, adding weight

Tendencies on repeat, innit

Benefit from a shoe with no lace

Take the seat with the crease in it


I don’t mind if it’s lonely, I don’t mind if it’s fair

I don’t care, you control me

Leading me anywhere


I don’t wanna backslide to where I started from

There’s no chance I will shake this again


’Cause I feel the pull, water’s over my head

Strength enough for one more time

Reach my hand above the tide

I’ll take anything you have

If you could throw me a line

I should’ve loved you better

Do you think that now’s the time

You should let go?


It's over my head


Bad place on a hundred dollar bass

Kind of wishing that I never did Saturday

Is that a stain? You should change

Are you doing good? Did you solve all of your problems?

Thanks for asking, in a way but

Accidentally uncovered a new one yesterday

What happened to what I brushed under the rug

I used to be the champion of a world you can’t see


Now I’m drowning in logistics


Sumber: Youtube Twenty One Pilots

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