30 Contoh Kalimat Cause and Effect yang Bisa Dipelajari, Jakarta - Cause and effect merupakan hubungan sebab dan akibat antara dua peristiwa atau kejadian. Cause atau sebab adalah apa yang membuat suatu peristiwa terjadi, sementara effect atau akibat adalah hasil dari peristiwa tersebut.

Cause and effect penting untuk dipahami dalam kehidupan sehari-hari maupun pada berbagai teks, seperti dalam tulisan ilmiah, berita, atau cerita.

Dengan memahami cause and effect, seseorang dapat lebih mudah memahami mengapa suatu peristiwa terjadi dan bagaimana peristiwa tersebut memengaruhi hal lain di sekitarnya.

Selain itu, dengan memahami cause and effect dapat membantu seseorang untuk lebih bijak dalam bertindak dan mengantisipasi konsekuensi dari tindakan yang diambil.

Itulah sedikit penjelasan tentang cause and effect. Untuk memudahkan pemahaman, ketahui contoh kalimatnya.

Berikut 30 contoh kalimat cause and effect yang bisa dipelajari, Rabu (28/2/2024).

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Contoh Kalimat Cause and Effect

1. My father is coming late (effect) because he is busy with his work (cause).

2. My mother spent all of her money on the kitchen (cause) so she has no money left (effect).

3. My bicycle was broken (effect) as a result of my brother’s recklessness (cause).

4. I am invited to the pool party (effect) because I have a lot of contributions there (cause).

5. Because of her love (cause), I can still be here (effect).

6. She decided to wait for him all day long (cause) – for she was feeling worried (effect).

7. My baby could not sleep well (effect) because the temperature was so hot (cause).

8. The outdoor art exhibition was canceled (effect) since it’s snowing (cause).

9. I came late to your house (cause), so I could not enjoy the lunch you prepared (effect).

10. Due to a bad thunderstorm (cause), I can’t go to the cinema (effect).

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Contoh Kalimat Cause and Effect

11. Because he was not able to come (cause), we did not win the competition (effect).

12. My bag became unique (effect) since the local brand stopped producing it (cause).

13. I climb the mountain (cause) so I get praise from my family (effect).

14. Thanks to your wife (cause), we were safe (effect).

15. I can’t eat the cake (effect) as a consequence of arriving home late (cause).

16. As a result of illegal logging (cause), the number of trees decreases significantly (effect).

17. As a result of his recklessness (cause), the machine was broken (effect).

18. She lost all her memory (effect), because of the car accident (cause).

19. Due to heavy rain (cause), we can't go to concert (effect).

20. She crashed her car (effect) because of her drinking habit (cause).

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Contoh Kalimat Cause and Effect

21. He got good grades (effect) because of his study habits (cause).

22. Maya didn't attend the course (effect) owing to the stomachache (cause).

23. I didn't attend the practice (effect) owing to the headache (cause).

24. He can't take the exam (effect) as a consequence of cheating (cause).

25. As a result of illegal hunting (cause), the number of wild animals began to decrease (effect).

26. Thanks to your help (cause), we were successful (effect).

27. Because he was sick (cause), he did not cook well (effect).

28. The concert was canceled (effect) since it's raining (cause).

29. As it is raining again (cause), we will have to stay at home (effect).

30. I decided to call it a day (cause) for I was feeling tired (effect).


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